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A multiple award-winning concentrate brand that specializes in premium, distillate-free strain-specific concentrates. Element is the tentpole producer of live extracts and isolates, ranging from live resin and rosin to additive-free 100% live cartridges, as well as exceptionally engineered live concentrate joints. 


A wellness oriented brand that provides clinically relevant, pharmaceutical grade cannabis-based solutions. Explore this custom cannabis platform with tinctures, topicals and tablets, as well as a potent concentrate syringe series with RSO, RSO+ and distillate options.


Dream | Potdots

Gourmet unique edibles passionately crafted with high-quality locally sourced ingredients. 


Enter the world of Edibles confidently and discover your Dream Experience.



high-THC percentage concentrate and infused preroll brand that offers potency and flavor at a budget-friendly price point.




Lion Labs is the proud proprietor of a 20k sqft facility equipped with state-of-the-art extraction technology, allowing us to produce consistently high-quality cannabis products such as concentrates, isolates, and distillate. All processing is completed in a clean and compliant laboratory environment.


Our pioneering 8k sqft dedicated edible processing facility is capable of innovation rarely seen in the edible space. 


Using our award-winning extraction methods, Lion Labs produces some of the highest quality wholesale distillate available in the Michigan market. Contact us to explore wholesale distillate options.


Lion Labs values the craft of cultivation and actively pursues the best premium fresh-frozen flower to create exceptional cannabis products. Our unwavering commitment lies in discovering exceptional cultivation environments and passionate individuals who demonstrate a profound dedication to the flower. If you represent an extraordinary cultivation operation, connect with us to explore potential collaborations for wholesale opportunities in fresh-frozen products, pre-roll partnerships, or solventless processing.



Lion Labs Ltd is a cannabis processor and manufacturer that specializes in hydrocarbon, ethanol, and ice water methods of extraction.  Lion Labs believes concentrates are the cleanest, most accessible way to consume most of the beneficial aspects of the cannabis plant.  Lion Labs is currently operating in Lansing MI and is licensed by the State of Michigan to manufacture and distribute Medical-Use and Recreational products.


As a well-established and respected member of the industry, led by a team of cannabis experts and enthusiasts, Lion Labs prides itself on creating and making available the highest quality cannabis extracts and cannabis based products by maintaining a consistent standard of excellence.



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